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Every business wants a sign that clearly and creatively conveys their brand message. Every business wants a sign that embodies who they are, what they stand for, and what they can offer. But not every business knows that the only way to get a sign to look, feel, and function exactly the way they want them to would be to have them custom-made by a trusted local signage provider. This is where we at Westphal Signs come in.

Custom signs and graphicsAs an established Valders sign and graphics company, Westphal Signs does more than just print, assemble, and install signs…the beauty of our craft lies in how we create custom and specialty signage elements according to your specifications, requirements, and unique design concepts. From banners, to storefront signs, to indoor lobby signs, to wall murals, and even to full vehicle wraps, Westphal Signs delivers promotional and marketing materials that perfectly embody your brand. We’re all about helping your business stand out, become more visible, and become more impactful.

Getting your business signs custom-made by a trusted signage company like Westphal Signs is more than just making your space look good…it’s an investment. In fact, according to studies, the value of on-site signage is equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. When done right, custom business signs can promote your brand to your target market 24/7, draw them in through your doors, and convince them to purchase from you. Of course, not all sign companies can deliver signs this effective…but we know we can.

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Stand Out With Unique Signage

custom large format muralHaving a pretty sign is nice, but if it doesn’t stand out from the competition, it’s not really helping your business achieve its full potential.

We live in a fast-paced world riddled with attractions everywhere we go and distractions everywhere we look. In order for your business to capture your customers’ interest, you need to catch their attention first. And in order to catch the attention of potential new customers, you need high-visibility, high-impact custom signs and graphics. And that’s what Westphal Signs specializes in.

We are the go-to provider for personalized and custom-made solutions for promotional and marketing needs here in Valders, WI.

Here at Westphal Signs, we take your vision and turn them into functional sign elements specifically for brand promotion. Our Design Team is comprised of professional, talented individuals who can interpret your ideas and bring them to life. These individuals are ready to provide you with professional input and recommendations in order to make your signs as effective and impressive as possible. We custom-craft practically anything! Channel letters, vehicle wraps, floor signs, pole signs, monument signs, A-frames, yard signs, you name it!

Designed For Your Brand & Business

custom large format banner signOne advantage of getting your sign professionally custom-made is that it sets you apart from competition. This lessens, if not totally eliminates, brand confusion. It also helps you manage how your market perceives your business by telling them what industry you belong in and what services you can offer them.

Getting your business signage specially made by established providers also means you get a sign that’s cohesive with your marketing and branding campaigns. Not only are you getting yourself noticed, you are also showing your audience the level of professionalism your company is capable of delivering. If this is what you want for your business, then working with Westphal Signs is your best move.

Whether you are a franchise, a family-owned business, or a corporation, Westphal Signs is fully equipped and experienced to provide you with specialty solutions for your signage needs. More than our unlimited signage options for you, we also have very accommodating sign consultants who can give you the expert recommendations and professional insight that you need for maximum impact signage.

Our specialty signage options include:

Westphal Signs offers indoor signs and outdoor signs that are custom-crafted to meet your specs, requirements, branding, and budget. Whether you need just one signs, 50 signs of the same design, or 50 signs with different designs, Westphal Signs has the equipment, expertise, and experience to deliver.

Our Custom Sign Process

Custom Indoor Trade Show DisplayCustom specialty signs allow you to clearly show the general public what your business is all about and how your business can help them. Here at Westphal Signs, we work closely with our clients from the very start of our process all the way to the end. We start with a free signs and graphics consultation where we sit down with you and learn about your business, your brand, your goals, and your vision. Our in-house Design Team then bring your vision and ideas to life through a digital mock-up of your sign so you will see what it looks like and if it’s according to your specs. You can review your design and suggest the necessary modifications until we arrive at the sign design that you are happy with.

Once you are happy with the final design, our sign fabricators then get to work. They create your sign elements as well as prep them for installation. Installation can be professionally handled by Westphal Signs. Some signs are simple enough to be installed by you, but some are complicated and will need to be done by professional sign installers.

Our talented staff here at Westphal Signs absolutely enjoy working on custom signs because it allows them to show you what they’re capable of creating. You can rest assured that you’ll have nothing but our very best if you hire us for your custom business signs.

Free Custom Signs Consultation

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Here at Westphal Signs, we give you the skills and support that you need for superior quality custom signage. Whether you have a specific sign type and design in mind, or you still need to come up with it, our team of sign designers, fabricators, installers, project managers, and marketing experts are ready to guide and assist you.

Westphal Signs is the ideal provider for Valders businesses looking for impressive and impactful custom signage.

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