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Friesland Indoor Signs


No matter what type of business you have, we can all agree that well-crafted indoor signs can give your office the appeal you want, as well as give your visitors excellent customer experience. From welcoming your guests with lobby signage to keeping your space organized with directional and door signs, interior signs actually play a huge role in getting operations to run smoothly.

custom lobby signBut not all indoor signs can positively impact your business. It needs to be the right one—one that addresses your business needs and at the same time speaks your brand message. And with the numerous types of indoor signs available, choosing the right one can definitely be a challenge. You’ll need to consider business goals, space, brand identity, materials, budget, timeframe, target market, function, legal requirements, placement, and a lot more as you choose the ideal signage for your facility. All of these have an impact in how visible, effective, and practical your signage will be, as well as how long it will last.

Having been a trusted Friesland signs and graphics provider for a long time, Westphal Signs understands the power quality indoor signs have in reinforcing your brand to customers, giving them a positive experience in your facility, convincing them to make purchases, motivating your employees, keeping your facility safe, and even promoting your business. And the best part? Westphal Signs also fully understands the step-by-step process of creating powerful, impactful signs that work best for your brand, goals, budget, location, and deadline. We are ready to launch your business to greater heights!

You may already have the perfect indoor signs in mind, and that’s great! We love doing custom projects because they allow us to showcase our talent and skill. Another thing we love doing is giving our professional recommendations to clients who don’t quite know what indoor signs they need yet. Westphal Signs provides on-site evaluations at your location so that we can help you pick out the perfect indoor signs for your space

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Interior Signage For Office Buildings

Custom lobby signsIf your Friesland, WI business space is in an office building along with other businesses, finding it can be tricky. Most businesses rely on receptionists to provide assistance or directions to their visitors. Already-busy receptionists don’t always have to bear this responsibility. Indoor signage can do it instead (and quite effectively at that).

Interior signage such lobby signs, directories, room ID signs, door signs, and wayfinding signs are very effective and very convenient when it comes to supporting visitors as they navigate large office buildings. Here at Westphal Signs, we make sure that the indoor signs we produce are designed, fabricated, printed, fabricated, and placed strategically in order for them to be as effective and useful as possible.

Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signs

custom indoor restaurant commercial signageWhen it comes to retail and restaurant businesses, indoor signs are generally designed to lean more toward promoting products than reinforcing branding. Branding, however, is still blended into the design of promotional signs.

Westphal Signs caters to the signage needs or retail stores and restaurants as well. Our wide selection of sign types include quite a number that make highly effective indoor signage. These include menu boards, product displays, dimensional letters, point-of-purchase (POP) signs, hanging signs, banners, floor signs, wall decals, etc. They not only highlight the products that you offer, but they also display colors, fonts, and elements that reinforce your brand.

At Westphal Signs, we specialize in intuitive signage—we study customer behavior and expectations, and we use that information to provide indoor signage that does not disappoint.

Signs for Warehouses & Manufacturing

Indoor Caution and Safety SignsEven if your business isn’t really open to the general public, you would still need indoor signs that make a good impression and make an impact. These don’t necessarily promote your products or your business, they can have other purposes. They can be motivational material, reminders, warnings, wayfinders, or information about your company.

Here at Westphal Signs, we have a variety of sign elements, types, and materials that you can choose from—vinyl banners, wall murals, acrylic boards, wood panels, and many more. We want to be your local partner for indoor signage that’s easy to notice and hard to forget. We’re excited to work closely with you and conceptualize, design, fabricate, and install the perfect signage for your business.

Cohesive Interior Signs for Business

When it comes to brand promotion and working on business name recognition, consistency is key. Establishing brand guidelines and using them throughout your marketing and creative efforts allow you to achieve repetition for your brand, as well as communicate your business’s professional image. At Westphal Signs, we ensure that your indoor signs are designed, created, and installed with brand cohesiveness and consistency in mind. Whether you need directional signs, ADA signs, banners, floor signs, or glass decals, we make sure that they complement and clearly reflect your brand identity.


If you already have an indoor signage design, brand guidelines, style sheet, and concept in mind, we ensure that they will be followed and implemented accordingly. If you don’t, then no need to worry. Our in-house designers and sign experts can work closely with you from conceptualization to installation in order for you to have the ideal interior sign that you need.

Every Indoor Sign Your Business Needs!

Custom Indoor Trade Show DisplayWe at Westphal Signs are very proud of our vast selection of signage solutions. We are a complete provider of impressive and impactful Friesland indoor signs and graphics.

From channel letter lobby signs to acrylic door signs, vinyl signs, graphics, and banners, custom wall murals, and more, we have the unique solutions to meet your business’s unique needs.

We also see to it that your indoor signs durable, aesthetic, and fabricated using our environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Our indoor sign services include:

Are you looking for outdoor signs to match? We deliver those as well!

Full-Service Interior Sign Manufacturers

Custom sign productionWestphal Signs is proud to say that we handle every aspect of the sign-making process. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and we’ve learned the most useful sign-making techniques and processes over the years. From free consultation, to design, to manufacturing, to installation, and all the way to maintenance and repair, we work closely with you so that we deliver custom signs that meet your expectations and business needs.

We use superior quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to create your interior signs. Every product goes through a stringent inspection by our signage experts to ensure that it meets your standard and ours.

Free Expert Indoor Sign Consultation

Wisconsin Sign CompanyWestphal Signs is excited to provide you with impressive design skills, expert sign fabrication, and excellent customer support. Our strong team of artists, sign experts, and marketing specialists are ready to sit down and learn about your business, goals, needs, and personality…and we look forward to showing you all that we can do to deliver Friesland indoor signs that boost brand reinforcement, promotion, and customer satisfaction.

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