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Ripon Vehicle Wraps
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Ripon Vehicle Wraps


Looking for a way to giving your business an even more professional appeal? If you have company vehicles, a popular way to do this would be to invest in impressive, impactful vehicle wraps and graphics.

Full Wrap Vinyl Vehicle Wrap For SUV

Here at Westphal Signs, we create customized vinyl wraps for cars, trucks, vans, buses, golf carts, and even boats. Not only do we make sure that your fleet looks good, we see to it that your brand is made more visible and more attractive.

We cater to all types of business, whether you want your fleet of commercial vehicles branded or you want to get and entire truck wrapped in vinyl. We are a trusted local Ripon provider for vehicle wraps and graphics, and our excellent service includes a having team of vehicle wrap installation experts apply the wraps flawlessly.

So if you’re looking to get your van, trailer, boat, truck, or car, wrapped in stunning vinyl with a professional finish, Westphal Signs has the equipment, technical skills, and creative talent to deliver what you need.

Call Westphal Signs at (920) 345-0102 for a Free Consultation with a Commercial Vehicle Wrap Expert!

Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Full Wrap Vinyl Truck Wrap

Here at Westphal Signs, we want to provide you the specific service that your business needs. We want to help you promote your brand and draw more customers in! However, a full vehicle wrap may not be what you want…and that’s no problem. We offer cut vinyl graphics or lettering as elements for your design if you want to go for something more minimalist. If you feel like a full wrap is a bit too much visually and financially, we also offer partial wraps that might just do the trick for you.

If it’s the adhesive and glue that you don’t like about wraps, then vehicle magnets by Westphal Signs is a great solution for you. Customizable, convenient, and easily replaceable, vehicle magnets can be the perfect choice.

Vehicle Wrap Options

Full Vehicle Wraps

Full Wrap Vinyl Vehicle Wrap for SUV

Getting a full wrap for your vehicle can be a great way to showcase your brand to the general public. It’s like having your very own portable billboard; you can take your brand with you wherever you go. Westphal Signs offers full wraps that are expertly and seamlessly installed onto your vehicle by our team of sign installation technicians.

Customized to be eye-catching and attractive, your company car, truck, bus, or trailer can be a colorful and effective way to getting your brand message across. So if you’re a business owner looking for a way to get seen in more places and by more people, a full vehicle wrap is an excellent choice for you.

At Westphal Signs, we use only the best materials for the products we deliver. Our heavy-duty vinyl not only gives your vehicle eye-catching appeal, it also offers paint protection from chipping and scratching.

Partial Car Wraps

Partial Wrap Vinyl Vehicle Wrap for Construction Company

Partial vehicle wraps are a great option of you prefer to draw attention to just a specific portion of your automobile. Whether you want viewers to focus on your door, hood, side panel, or any combination of parts, Westphal Signs can take care of it for you.

Our team of designers, printers, and installers can take care of applying the wrap on your automobile, complementing each line, curve, and edge to give the vehicle a clean and professional finish.

Partial wraps are also cheaper than full wraps, but definitely not inferior. If you’re looking for a more reserved approach than what full wraps can offer, partial wraps can do the trick for a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Lettering Vehicle Graphics for Sign Company

Individual vinyl graphics are already cut into the specific shape of the image or element that you want to apply to your vehicle. They are not intended to cater to clients who want a large portion of their vehicles covered; they come in smaller sheets of vinyl that give you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to placement on the vehicle. Vinyl graphics are also much easier to apply, remove, and replace compared to full or partial vehicle wraps.

If you prefer a clean, minimalist look to your vehicles, then custom vinyl graphics by Westphal Signs are for you.

Vehicle Magnets

vehicle magnets and matching yard signsIf you’re looking for something temporary, easily removable, easily transferable, and easily replaceable, you may want to check out vehicle magnets. The vehicle magnets that Westphal Signs creates are especially convenient for people who want to be able to remove and replace their business branding on their vehicle anytime they want. On your way to pick up a client at the airport? Just put on a vehicle magnet of your business logo or business name. Taking your wife out on a lovely date? Easily peel off the magnet and enjoy your personal time.

Westphal Signs can customize vehicle magnets according to the design, shape, and size that you want. And if you’re not sure what they should look like in the first place, then we have in-house graphic designers who would be happy to help you out.

Perforated Window Film

Full Wrap Vehicle Wrap Perforated Windows For Tech Company

Most of our clients who order full vehicle wraps go for perforated window film as well. They maximize the space you have on your automobile, allowing you to convey your message more clearly, but won’t bring any visual interference to your drivers and passengers. They also provide a degree of privacy to the interior of your automobile.

Here at Westphal Signs, we’re ready to create the promotional and marketing material that you need. We are an established vehicle wraps provider here in Ripon, WI and we’re excited to show you the high-quality work we deliver.

Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap for Snowmobile

Over the years our knowledge, skills, and product selection have grown. We are especially proud of our vehicle wraps solutions that cater to all vehicle wrap needs including full and partial wraps for cars, buses, vans, trailers, trucks, golf carts, entire fleets, boats, yachts, jet skis, and yes, even snowmobiles. We have the up-to-date machinery, highly trained manpower, and years of experience to help you get the perfect vinyl wrap for your automobiles.

Another thing that we at Westphal Signs are proud of is the fact that we don’t just print out designs and stick them to your automobiles, we actually sit down with you and have a conversation about how you want your vehicle wraps to impact your business. By understanding your brand identity, your budget, your business goals, etc., we can make helpful and practical recommendations for your wraps. We can also give you a quote for the services that you will need in order to achieve your desired output.

Such services include:

As an established signage company here in Ripon, Westphal Signs also delivers superior-quality business sign of any type, such as vinyl signs, outdoor signs, indoor signs, and other custom signs.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Vinyl Trailer Wrap Car Wrap

Vinyl vehicle wraps are practically moving billboards…ones that reach consumers farther than any stationary sign can. More than that, vehicle wraps also give your business an air of professionalism and trustworthiness; this gives your clients and customers confidence in who you are and what you offer. If your business involves visiting client homes in vehicles, then getting fleet wraps is a great business move.

If you don’t visit your client’s homes, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider wraps either. Wrap advertising is getting more and more popular, and we completely understand why. Ad wraps showcase your company, your products, and services, as well as the ways potential customers can contact you. They increase brand exposure, get you more leads, and eventually bring in more clients.

Promotional Car Wraps

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap for Floor Company

As a trusted local sign company for many years, we at Westphal Signs think that you really can’t go wrong with promotional wraps. They’re affordable, they get you the attention and visibility that your business needs, and they protect your vehicle from chips and scratches—all these while you’re simply going through your usual day.

Promotional car wraps are also great for businesses that don’t have a physical office because they make up for the visibility and brand promotion that store signs deliver. So if you’re looking to completely transform your vehicle from hood to windows, Westphal Signs is ready to help you.

Custom Boat Wraps

Vinyl Boat Wrap

Custom vinyl vehicle wraps by Westphal Signs isn’t just for cars and trucks, we cater to water vehicles as well because, you’ve got to admit, promoting your business on water is really cool. We make sure that your vinyl wrap looks good and stays that way for a long time. We do this by using only the most durable marine-grade vinyl wraps that can stand against the everyday outdoor elements boats face in saltwater, freshwater, and even sand.

Just like our other vinyl products, boat wrap designs are highly customizing and can come in full color if you want. We can print information such as business name, business logo, slogans, images, and attractive design elements on your wrap while making sure that they complement your brand identity. We’ve also been in the business long enough to know how required details such as boat identification numbers, licenses, vehicle names should be printed. We keep ourselves updated with the guidelines on the correct size, colors, and placements, and we make sure that these are implemented according to set standards.

Besides being a striking medium for promotion, marketing, and advertising, vinyl boat wraps by Westphal Signs also protect your boat’s original paint or gel coat and keep your vehicle looking good as new.

Your Designs, Perfected

Vinyl Truck Wrap For Door Company

Choosing an attractive and effective design for your vehicle wraps is no easy feat. We sometimes know what design we want, but we’re not sure if they’ll be effective from a marketing and advertising perspective. Sometimes, we don’t know what we want at all! Westphal Signs can help you out with that.

If you already have a design for your wrap, you can just send us a high-resolution file and we can work on that for you. If you want us to take a look at the design first, we’d be glad to do that and give you our professional opinion on how it can be used or improved. If you don’t have any design idea, the Westphal Signs design team can work closely with you. They can walk you through all of the available options and help you get the vehicle wrap design that goes perfectly with your brand, goals, budget, and timeframe.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

Vinyl Lettering Vehicle Graphics

Westphal Signs has been an established signage provider here in Ripon for many years, and one of the reasons for our success is our excellent customer support. Our company’s priority is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the products and services that we offer, which is why we give our support, assistance, and guidance throughout the entire sign-making process.

We start with a free consultation where we have a conversation about your expectations and needs concerning the vehicle wraps (design, type of vehicle, purpose). We’ll exchange ideas and come down to a final concept for your wrap. Our in-house designers can bring these ideas to life by producing mock-ups so you can see how they will look like when applied on your vehicle. Should you want changes to be done, our designers can accommodate them.

Once you’re happy with the design and you give the go-ahead, our staff can then start creating the various elements to be used for your design. We are a one-stop sign shop so we do everything here at our local shop.

After the vehicle wrap is fabricated, our wrap installation technicians then get to work and apply wrap onto your vehicle. They expertly and meticulously work with each curve and edge of your vehicle to make sure that the application is flawless.

But the process doesn’t end there…Westphal Signs also caters to wrap removal, replacement, and touch-ups if you want to have these done on your vehicle.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Wisconsin Sign Company

Here at Westphal Signs, we want to be part of your business’s growth. And we want to do this by giving your vehicle eye-catching appeal and superior protection. No matter what the degree of coverage you’re looking for, what types of vehicles you want wrapped, or how many vehicles are involved, we’re ready for you.

From your free consultation, to design, to fabrication, to installation, and even to maintenance and repair, our strong team of sign experts are here to help you get the vehicle wrap of your dreams; one that best fits your brand personality, business goals, deadlines, and budget.

Call Westphal Signs at (920) 345-0102 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!