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Seymour Large Format Printing
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Seymour Large Format Printing

For eye-catching advertising, large format printing is one effective strategy. It is also known as wide-format printing or grand-format printing. As the name suggests, it is used to produce larger-than-normal printed graphics for outdoor and indoor marketing.

Custom Large Format Banner for BleachersOur Seymour large format printing services at Westphal Signs are particularly in demand among lots of businesses. We use industrial-grade printing machines and substrates, giving you high-quality products from 18” and even beyond 100” in size. This goes without saying that if you want increased business visibility, our wide format printing can be your best solution.

We can produce black-and-white or full-color graphics with the same quality and efficiency. Regardless of the material you want to get printed, we guarantee a durable, high-impact result at a quick turnaround.

Choose from canvas, corrugated plastic, cloth, foam boards, metal, glass, paper, wood, and many more! All these can turn into your best advertising tool in little to no time at all.

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Wide Format Banners

Arguably our most popular product, wide-format banners are produced by Westphal Signs mostly with durable vinyl material. Grand openings and seasonal promotions commonly use these large banners to attract a mass of potential customers and increase both their sales and regular traffic.

outdoor promotional bannerWhether you intend to install your wide-format banner indoors or outdoors, our products are guaranteed to be versatile and cost-effective. We use polyester fabric and canvas as substrates aside from the most common vinyl. However, vinyl is still your best choice if your banners are for long-term, exterior use. The material’s durability and our UV-cured ink will ensure that your wide-format banners will last long, even under extreme heat.

Even better, we can also install your wide-format banners onto a solid background to avoid strong winds or intense weather from damaging or knocking it down. This will be a good idea for outdoor banners or those used for multi-day events. Point-of-purchase displays and other large indoor banner banners can also benefit from this type of reinforcement.

Large Format Graphics

Our Seymour large format printing doesn’t stop at producing high-quality banners. Westphal Signs also provides large graphics ideal for window displays and wall murals.

business remodel signWe utilize industrial-grade printers that can produce graphics of any size regardless of the substrate you want to use. Their resolution is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality as well as their durability, impact, and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you want graphics for marketing or aesthetical purposes, our large format graphics can be the best solution. They can be show stopping window displays that will attract potential customers from a distance away. They can also be used to cover your entire wall with a pleasing and engaging graphic that will reinforce your brand or advertising message.

Full-Service Sign Company

Westphal Signs is a trusted printing company frequented for quality services and products that go beyond large format banners and graphics. Our team also specializes in providing design and installation services for all your needed printed materials.

custom large format trade show bannerThe graphics we provide are guaranteed to be accurate based on the specifications that you want. We also ensure that your design file is properly prepared for the best resulting resolution. Regardless of your desired size for your printable, rest assured that you will receive no less than premium graphics with a high-quality and long-lasting image.

More than your design file, however, Westphal Signs focuses on the quality of your substrate to make sure that your investment will be worthwhile. You can tell us what type of material you like, what look you’re going after, and the purpose of your printables. We can then look for the most durable yet reasonably priced material that fits your goals and budget.

From wide-format banners for outdoor advertising to large-format graphics for branding, indoor marketing, and aesthetical purposes, trust that our Seymour printing experts can give you exactly what you need with less hassle, expenses, and waiting time.

Free Large Format Sign Consultation

No matter how many people will say otherwise, size does matter. If you want to get ahead of your competition and gain as many new and loyal customers as possible, make your brand as attractive as you can with large signage and increase your visibility at the same time.

Wisconsin Sign CompanyGain the attention of your target market with the help of our large format printing experts today. We’ll gladly help you come up with the most eye-catching advertising tool without making you worry about breaking your budget.

Call Westphal Signs today at (920) 345-0102 for your Free Consultation with a Seymour Large Format Printing expert!